Jewish Prayers

Jewish Prayers

The Morning Service (Shacharit)
This begins very early in the morning. Similar to the evening service, the Shacharit adds Torah reading on Shabbat, holidays, Monday, and Thursday. An addtional service, called a Musaf, is also sometimes added. Bold sections are considered core to the service.

Preliminaries – The following morning blessings are sometimes recited at home rather than at the synagogue:

Modeh Ani – The blessing recited upon arising.
Yirat Adonai – Awakening to the LORD.
Upon bathing – Blessing recited upon bathing in the morning.
Donning Tzitzi – The blessing recited upon putting on tzitzit.
Donning the Tallit – The blessing recited upon putting on the prayer shawl.
Donning Tefillin – The blessing recited upon putting on phylacteries.
Yetzer Hara – Prayer to overcome the evil inclination.

Birkat HaShachar – These additional morning blessings are often recited at the synagogue:

Mah Tovu – Verses recited upon entering the synagogue.
Adon Olam – Master of the Universe
Yigdal – may He be Exalted
Birkat HaTorah – Blessings for the Torah
Birchot HaShachar – Morning Blessings
The Akedah – Binding of Issac
L’Olam Yehei Adam – Always should a man revere God

Warm Up for Prayer – The Pesukei d’Zemira (verses of song) section of services include a lot of Psalms and hymns and function somewhat like a “warm-up” for prayers:

Kaddish – “Sanctification,” a prayer of praise recited by mourners.
Barukh She’amar – Blessed is He who spoke
Hodu – Give thanks
Ashrei – Praiseworthy
Yishtabach – Closing benediction

The Shema and its Blessings – The Shema functions as a creedal formula for Jews:

The Barekhu – Call to Prayer
Birkat Yotzer – Blessing The Creator
Ahavah Rabbah – Blessing Of Great Love
The Keriat Shema
Birkat Geulah – Blessing Of Redemption

The Amidah – The Shemoneh Esrei (or Amidah) is first recited silently, and then is recited again by the cantor:

Shemoneh Esrei – The Amidah (“standing”) prayer is recited. On Shabbat and Holidays (Yom Tov), shorter versions are recited.
Tachanun – “Supplication” recited immediately after the Amidah.
Hallel – “Praise” selections from Tehillim (said on Rosh Chodesh and holidays).

The Torah Service – Torah reading (Keriat HaTorah) and aliyot (Mondays, Thursdays, and Shabbat) is normally next in the Shacharit seder:

Birkat HaTorah – The Blessing of the Torah
Opening the Holy Ark
Torah Processional
Torah Blessings and Readings
Raising Of The Torah Scroll
Haftarah Blessings
Brit Chadashah Blessings
Return of Torah to Ark

Conclusion – The Shacharit service usually ends with additional prayer and praise:

Ashrei – Prayer taken from Tehillim 145.
Uva L’Tzion is also recited (except on Shabbat and Yom Tov)
Aleinu – Closing prayer of praise. “It is our duty to praise…”
Ein Keloheinu
Half Kaddish – “Sanctification”
Prayer upon leaving the synagogue