Author SEO

SEO and the Author

As if the writing of a book project isn’t enough authors have to market the book to the targeted audience. Some authors have the financial resources to hire someone to market their book, others aren’t so lucky. Some are brave enough to do their own marketing but where to start?

There is a vast industry online, and somewhat offline, offering up resources promising to drive much needed traffic to your blog, web site, sales page or any other means of attracting more eyes to your book project.

Before you jump into doing your own SEO work you might want to read up on SEO buzzwords so you’re ready for when people start blasting you with them. I found a great blog post by Michael O’Neill over at titled: “THE MOSTLY SERIOUS GUIDE TO 21 MARKETING BUZZWORDS IN 2018” dated October 15, 2018. In his blog post Mr. O’Neil went over 21 SEO marketing keywords. The list of them is posted below, you an use the link in the title shown above to read all about SEO buzzwords for 2018.

1. Intelligent Content
2. Influencer Marketing
3. Actionable Insights
4. 360-Degree Visibility
5. Deliverables
6. Deep Dive
7. Consuming Content
8. Thought Leadership
9. Programmatic
10. User-Generated Content
11. Analytics Dashboards
12. Customer-Focused or Customer-Centric
13. Strategic or strategy
14. Mockups
15. ROI
16. Sales Funnel
17. Lower My Bounce Rate
18. Campaign
19. Local Agency
20. Leverage
21. Brand Awareness


At the very least you should be using social media resources, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any others you might be a member of. Next you need a blog both to communicate with your followers as well as to cultivate new followers. Blogs don’t need to be all that big and fancy, many successful blogs are free while others are based on commercial platforms. The list below isn’t all that’s available yet it lists the most popular blogger sites out there. Those marked with an * cold be especially attractive to authors.


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