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Sarah’s Story III

Sarah’s Story III

Sarah Collingworth in book #3 of the Sarah Collingworth Trilogy

In this final book of the Trilogy you will ride along as Sarah Collingsworth and her friends take on a group of domestic terrorists attempting to sell U.S. technology to South American criminals.

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About the Book


Even the proofreaders of Sarah’s Story said they had goosebumps at certain parts of this final book of the Trilogy.

In this book a group of domestic terrorists are selling high-end American technology to criminals located in South America.

If you enjoy a touch of the demons in a book then you won’t be disappointed by this book. Be sure to also pickup your copy of the other two books of the Sarah’s Story Trilogy if you haven’t already done so. Sarah and her cat will thank you.


Series: Sarah Collingsworth Trilogy, Book 3
Genre: Thriller
Tag: My Books
Publisher: Smashwords
Publication Year: 2013
ISBN: 9781301062843
List Price: 1.29
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