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Sarah Collingsworth

Subject: Sarah Collingsworth

This three part series didn’t start out that way. I thought of it as just another novel in the beginning. It wasn’t my plan to write three books about the same person. As I mentioned in my about me page, I write what God gives me. Sarah’s Story I ended but I kept writing, I also kept working on publishing Sarah’s Story I. When I completed Sarah’s Story II, I got to the end of the storyline with more ideas. So I went with the results being a three book series about a woman who is smart, strong, and sexy.

Some readers concerned that situations in my books are “un-Christian”. They go into the brush in Africa where some tribes are nearly naked. They go into areas near their homes to work with prostitutes and drug users. Many work with the homeless, many of who are alcoholics (and drug users). The story Sarah Collingsworth is similar.

Sarah Collingsworth makes some men nervous because she’s smart, savvy in the business world. And she’s not afraid to speak her mind. She comes into contact with many many law-breakers.

Why was the leading character of this book a woman? God gave me the story that way and I wrote it that way. Can’t get much simpler than that can it?


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Below are the images of the book covers for all three of the books. At the top of your screen are links to the pages for each of the books.

Sarah’s Story (3 Book Series)

Sarah's Story I Sarah Collingsworth &Sarah's Story II Sarah's Story III

Sarah Collingsworth is a trilogy about a woman whose life is forever changed by God.

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