Affiliate Marketers

These days everyone wants to make a few dollars on the Internet. You have a web site or blog and you’d like to monetize it. Here’s a way you can do just that: Affiliate Marketing. Not the ClickBank routine or any other affiliate marketing schemes that pay little to nothing for taking up space on your web site or blog.

The Affiliate Marketers opportunity available on this web site is to sell the books I write that are for sale on my sales page. It’s as easy as picking one or more of the books from my page and then posting the link into your blog, emails, social media posts/tweets, or just as a link on your web site.

Here is a table with the eBbook titles (and the link to the web pages), the current price of the book as well as your commission for the book:

To sign up as an affiliate marketer, first read the Smashwords Affiliate Marketing Program Terms of Service. Next, visit the Affiliate Marketing Program Signup Page.

Affiliate Marketers


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