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Christian Books

My new book Eyewitness to the Exodus is now available for purchase in both eBook and paperback formats. You have a choice of book formats and vendors:

Paperback page on this site
eBook page on this site
Eyewitness to the Exodus - Amazon paperback
Eyewitness to the Exodus - Amazon Kindle eBook
Eyewitness to the Exodus - Barnes & Noble paperback
Eyewitness to the Exodus - Barnes & Noble Nook eBook

Christian books, most of the books are Christian fiction. What? You’ve never heard of Christian fiction? Here’s a great blogpost from Author Bryan M. Powell about Christian fiction: What is Christian Fiction?

Hopefully you will enjoy these books as much as I enjoyed writing them. Writing anything of the length of these books is a bit of work and I do appreciate my two staunchest supporters (and editors) Debbie Larck (my bride) and Kimberly Rose (my youngest daughter). Without them these books would still be on the hard drive of my computer!

Below you will find the most current listing of my completed books. If you have already purchased any of these books I thank you for your support. All of my books undergo revisions and rewrites so you may want to return to the site where you bought the eBooks and get the most up-to-date version.


Thanks for stopping by the site and visiting with us. Some of the books featured in the Library section of this web site are linked to the book’s page on in case the reader wishes to purchase a copy of one or more of the books from the Library for themselves.

Floyd Larck, author of Christian books.
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