GILDED EDGES part three

GILDED EDGES part three

And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:” Ephesians 6:17

I recall being at our local church some years ago for a meeting with one of the staff members. Finding myself a little early I walked around the front of the church while I waited for them. Over in one corner I saw a long table standing there with a sign taped to the front of it: LOST AND FOUND. Curiosity pulled me towards the table so I walked over to see what was on the table. Just in case I recognized anything as being mine. The items on the table were all Bibles except for one blue sippy cup some little guy had left behind. There were big thick study Bibles and thin Bibles. There were white ones, black ones, brown ones and even a few maroon ones. Leather bound, paperbacks, and even a couple hardback Bibles were stacked in neat piles.

The Bibles had one thing in common in that they weren’t any good lying there on the lost and found table! How could anyone study a Bible when it’s lying on a lost and found table at church? Or lying around anywhere else for that matter. How anyone can attend church and then go off leaving their Bible lying about the church grounds. After picking up a couple of the Bibles to see who owned them I found that I knew a few of their owners. Some of them were considered to be “pillars” of our little church. And yet there sat their Bibles on the Lost & Found table.

Some Bibles were fairly new, most of those being children’s Bibles. But some others were quite worn and well-used looking. One Bible in particular made me pick it up because of its appearance. The outer covering at the spine of the Bible was worn down. The wear was past the outer surface clear down into the darker base material. Both the front and back covers were worn down below the outer coating. This was an average sized Bible with a beige cover. The words “King James Version” in gold letters were on the front cover down on one corner. The lettering on the spine was worn away. You could make out where some of the text had once been but the rest was long gone. Someone had carried this Bible for many years judging by the extreme wear on the cover and spine.

I soon made a discovery about this person’s Bible. The silver edged pages were still stiff, stuck together, Can you picture them? The only way these pages could be in such a condition was because they had never been read. The pages had rarely been viewed much less read or used for Bible study. The Wisdom and Love of God was never received by the owner because the pages had never been turned. If they had it was infrequent enough that it caused the pages to stay crisp and stuck together.

“How could this be?” I wondered to myself. How does a person carry a Bible so much that the outer coating of the covers is worn down into the second layer? All that carrying it around and yet the owner must have never opened the Bible. They missed the gold buried within its pages. I looked inside to see if the owner’s name was in it, and it was. I knew the person quite well because he was a deacon of our church at the time. One could only wonder if this man’s walk with the Lord was like his Bible. Bibles such as this one being carried about to give the owner a warm fuzzy feeling. Others must have looked at the worn covers and assumed the Bible owner was spiritual. Studying the Word yet the pages told a different story about his Bible study habits.

Maybe you feel as if I am being judgmental of this person because of his Bible but I’m really not. I merely made an observation by looking at the cover of his Bible. It was the gilded edges of the pages that spoke volumes about the man’s infrequent use of his Bible.

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