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Wish to link with this site? In order for you to add URL to our links page your link must be about writing. It must be about writing , writing resources, or even writing services. Don’t send link requests for hotels, drugs, jobs, dating, etc., as it wastes your time and mine.

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Web linking is one of the most misunderstood and most abused part of a web site SEO strategy. Anyone who has ever put a web site online has had the link artists sending them emails. Many emails about the need to add a web link to their latest web site or SPAM promotion. A web link between your site and mine only works when  there is something common with the two sites.

Adding a dozen links to Turkish hotels wouldn’t help as they would be ignored by the search engines. “Turkish hotels” and this web site have nothing in common so there

would be no value to a link between the two. There are exceptions though. If I had written about “Turkish hotels” then it would be acceptable to link to the web site.

Web links are easy to get but some folks never get one because of the way they ask for them. I dare say some people demand a web link from your site. Others keep sending you reminders (2,3,4, and even 5 of them) about the need for you to link to their site. Their email mentions they have already added a web link your site so now they fully expect one from you in return. Have you ever checked these people out? Try it sometime when you get an email telling you they have already put up a web link to your site. Many times you will find no link to your web site. Nor are there links to any other web site. Without a page of web links then why go out of your way to give out any web links to them?

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