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A lot of authors of eBooks and printed books started producing small video files to draw attention to their books. These videos are referred to as “book trailers”  but some call them “book videos” also. These videos will give you a glimpse into the book it represents.

All of my book trailers are hosted on YouTube’s web site. They enjoy a wider audience and I don’t have to worry about the large file sizes. Hosting on YouTube makes them easier to embed into web pages and emails. Anything that makes setting up the web pages easier is always worth trying.

I have a book trailer for the first of my Sarah’s Story series even though the three books are different in content.

Another video was by a beautiful lady who put my trailer together for The Race Card.Please take a look at it.

The video for The QSL Book is a voice over and images of cards that ham radio users exchange.

The video for The Forrester Girls was done by a young Christian girl and it is very good to watch.

The video for Birds of a Feather was by a fellow using a cockatiel. I thought it was great seeing as how one of the characters in the book is one.

These videos are to help you get a feel for a book. Many authors spend as much for a video as they do a book cover. Mine are home made or from

Book Trailers and Book Videos
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