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Hopefully you will enjoy these books as much as I enjoyed writing them. Writing anything of the length of these books is a bit of work and I do appreciate my two staunchest supporters (and editors) Debbie Larck (my bride) and Kimberly Rose (my youngest daughter). Without them these books would still be on the hard drive of my computer.

Although these books could be labeled as 'Christian books' I will say there are several that would be labeled as PG-17. Why? Reality! Because the real world around us isn’t like Little House On The Prairie. A great many of the unsaved people you encounter don't use language like your pastor uses. The reality of the characters in these stories drives home their need for the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Words are said, actions are taken that some might wish they didn't read but rest assured that Jesus didn't just go to the saved. He came to save those of us that needed it. In the process He came into contact with the demoniac named Legion. He encountered the Pharisees and Sadducees who wanted to see Him dead and gone from their midst. On the road to Emmaus Jesus met Saul of Tarsus, an educated Pharisee who wanted to punish and kill all of those who followed Jesus. So it seems anyone reading the Bible would realize our Savior encountered people who cursed, smoked, slept around, drank wine to excess, and stole from anyone they could. Yet none of this deterred Jesus from His goal of seeing them saved for all eternity. If it didn't offend the Son of God then I wonder how mere mortals can be offended when the reality of a man or woman's life is detailed in a book describing their life's journey and their salvation experience. Some readers erroneously think that all Christian books (novels or otherwise) should sound like a King James Bible when it is read,

You may wonder why I included content in so-called Christian books when Christian books are supposed to be spiritual and uplifting. The simplest answer I can give is that I write what God gives me to write. Some of it is a bit edgy but then people who are unsaved are edgy as well. Evangelizing folks outside of a church building requires more than just reading a few verses out of the Bible to them. They want to see Christians living out the Lord’s commandment to love your neighbor. In return you will see a side of them which may make you uncomfortable. Ask yourself if they are worth it. Are you prepared to hear them curse? Or see them smoke, or drink in order to reach them for Christ? WWJD? We all know what Jesus would do, He would go after these unsaved people with all of His human strength. Because they are that important to God. And they should also be that important to you as well.

I’m certainly no Frank Peretti but I do enjoy the way he uses demons to help differentiate between good and evil. These may also be a turnoff to people looking for books with soaring tales of people saved at an early age and living perfect lives. As a wise old preacher taught me, “you can’t get people saved until you show them they are lost”. So the storylines in my novels use worldly situations to show where people start out and then… Well, you need to read the books to find out for yourself what happens to them next.

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